Sponge Soaps

All natural goats milk and olive oil hand-made 6oz bar of soap with a natural sea sponge attached. Very luxurious and good for your skin...and with this combo there is no need for a wash cloth! Select from 4 different scents!

*Be sure to add a drain board to your purchase to prolong soap quality and keep your tub tidy!

About Natural Sea Sponges:

Each sponge is unique and a marvel of creation, and your sponge is also caught right here, in the  Gulf of Mexico.

Sponges grow on a hard surface, like lime rock or any hard bottom and filters water.  When harvested, the sponge diver cuts the sponge off from the bottom, leaving a portion of it to grow again. This makes the sponge a renewable product of the sea!

Sponge divers are good stewards of the sea, when harvesting is done right. Our supplier only deals with divers with proper harvest methods. To harvest, the sponge is cut with a sharp knife, leaving an inch or so to grow back, the sponge is then squeezed to release the sponge spores into the same area to repopulate before tucking it into a catch bag to be brought on board. 

Natural sponges are hypoallergenic, need very little care, and will last for years.

Enjoy your treasure from the sea!

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